P I E T R A the graven sound



“An Artisanal Italian Product, where each curve and cavity undergoes rigorous examination to ensure the quality and craftsmanship”


The beauty of the world in which we live lies in the transiction if the natural elements around us, their unespected formation in different phases. We continue to improving our material research. The first idea was made in carbon fiber and after with the store, marble.


It’s a scupture expression. The block is grooved by 2 shadow gaps that trace a ractional lines along its organic shape, highlighting its practically and ergonomics as well as controlling its rashness.


“Clamor is produced in a truly artisanal way, where each curve and cavity undergoes careful examination to ensure the quality and craftsmanship associated with the product carrying “Made in Italy” badge with pride.”

The aesthetic impact and proportions had been systematically evaluated and adjusted. Step by step, adjustment by adjustment the perfect shape had finally been achieved.
Hollowed and crafted with the finest technologies and then finished by the skilled hands of specialized craftmen


“The best of the italian craft industry meets streamlined vitality.”


Mattia Narducci

Mattia Narducci is an artist and graduate engineer, born in Milan, Italy. He is the designer and Founder of CLAMOR Design.
His latest creation combines art and the aesthetics of form.
He pored over every nook and cranny of motorsport vehicles until he finally found the ideal shape, starting out fired by a creative passion that over time evolved into an obsession with making his creation perfect.
After three years full of experiments the first carbon fiber amplifier, made in Italy, finally was born. Currently he also collaborates with one of the leading Italian luxury brands.
His love for art and fashion let him spend his free time with researching and forecasting trends in order to find inspiration for his creative projects.